Homeland Security

“Since taking over Congress in January, Democrats have already awarded veterans and homeland security programs significant budget boosts, first when wrapping up last year’s unfinished budget work and also last month when passing the Iraq war funding bill.”

And I’m thinking to myself: Ok, the Democratic Congress has done some good? The very LEAST we can do is provide for the injured we are creating, something the Bush Admin was not doing?! Wait. What?!

Why would Bush not take care of the troops? Is he and this admin just incompetent? Were we always this incompetent as a society? No. No?

Maybe Bush is so used to being diametrically opposed to us, as we to him, that he is doing the opposite by habit only; “No one can tell me what to do!” Partisan to the death…

Or am I just witnessing ancient corruption exposed by the hyper-coverage of the Internet?

I’m sorry if this isn’t germane to the thread…

I have an anger and a malaise in me for my government, for corporations that is so intense and muddled that I get worked up. This is why I am addicted to Reddit. I can’t stop watching this train wreck 😐

Orginial article.

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