Obama vs the GOP

This is happening all over America. People are waking up to the lies, the deceit and empty promises of the GOP and looking to the Democrats to actually do some quality governing for a change.

From Reddit

You know, I use to be a republican. Throughout college and during my first year at law school I was a republican. I spoke using the same rhetoric. I would attack the poor of our nation by labeling them as lazy, I would constantly attack welfare and use that to illustrate what the democratic party was like. I did all of these things and then I began to educate myself, I read, I kept up with the news. I went beyond the nice little package rhetoric and began looking at results.

This is when I began to realize that much of the republican doctrine, as it is now, its based on loose facts and irrational logic. It is constantly about creating these supposed hypotheticals of what is going to happen if democrats get in charge. It is about constantly blaming others and judging others. It is about simplifying extremely complicated ideas into simple minded sound bites. As if by repeating it over and over it will become more truthful. It is about sticking to an ideology no matter what facts present themselves and if facts do present themselves then its about simply offering a justification or spinning it.

Now, its not to say that Democrats have been that much better, however, I do believe that their platform is more conducive to serving society. And I truly believe that there is something special in Barack Obama. He is a politician but I think he brings with him a progressive vision and management style and I do believe that his intellectualism accompanied by his passion for America will serve us all greatly.

I woke up to what amounts to a massive defrauding of the American people by a cabal of power brokers starring the current Republican players (Rove, Bush, Cheney, McCain, etc) and funded by corporate interests and old old money. They have fleeced this country, the USA of trillions of dollars through the Federal Reserve (free loans of tax payer dollars, creating inflation, devaluing dollar), the massive war machine and a penchant for creating ‘shell corporations’ out of our tax payer financed government agencies (FEMA, Homeland Security, all regulatory departments).

Obama won’t completely change that. But he will be a wonderful start.

McCain/Palin is a desperate attempt to hold onto power and continue the current historic fleecing of the United States of America.

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