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REWORKING – Zombie Wall

(Nothing to see here – this is just me doing a quick and dirty rewrite on my old zombie script.)

- Doctor tests Hector and fails
- Opening – The school and the wall
- FLASHBACK – arriving at the school meets Rachel
- Henry and Sarah
- Henry to shoot Helen’s zombie husband
- Hazmat zombie
- Henry gets home – Rachel informs him that they are cleared to leave the camp via the balloon
-meet Bucky and the dispute over how to move forward with camp survival
-Henry brings subway idea to Mayor
- Doctor has a zombie breakthrough
- The Doctor’s lab Henry overhears that the zombies are trying to communicate


- Dinner – meet the others on the balloon trip
- Meet the basement workers – Surfer and the Business folk
- Capturing sarah – Brad helps
- Max in trouble – wall gets crushed max gets bit
- Max and Barry in Mayor’s office
- Doctor treats Max, fills Henry in on his work and Henry has more hope
- basement is transforming
- GYM – Rachel confronts Henry
- Town meeting update falls apart people freaking.
- Henry goes for Sarah – Fishing pole – breaks wall further
- Henry goes to doctor, asks dying Max how he goes outside
- Bucky infiltrates basement
- Henry learning to be zombie
- Henry is suppose to be on the balloon
- Henry tells Rachel to go without him.
- Henry is a zombie – tries to get Sarah – Doctor in peril
- Henry gets Sarah
- Doctor almost dead
- Henry saves all
- Bucky tries to take sarah, henry pulls a gun
- The Wall is failing
- Basement dig almost done – call for Bucky
- Henry and Doctor holed up in Lab, Bucky is hostage
- setup
-the test
- Sarah dead


- Camp being overrun by zombies
- Moving the camp into the basement
- Bucky Montage – speech
- Henry to bury Sarah
- Doctor has to shoot Max and wife
- Henry walks out in Zombie costume WHILE
- Balloon makes it off after battle
- Bucky in basement TUNNEL as they break through
- Henry makes his way outside
- Tunnelers break through and are attacked
- Henry gets to the tree to bury Sarah and then falls apart.
- The tunnelers kill off the zombies and save the day.
- Henry is scooped up by the doctor and Max’s truck – off to catalina

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