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So don’t be expecting shit from me; gifts or posts.
I’m going home to florida and busy as a cat covering
up shit. So nah!

Wire Mesh

I’m the furry baby in the metal cage
clinging to his metal mother
squeezing milk from a catheter
and watching my brother fondle
his mother’s soft and supple

I’m shaking from the cold
and imagining unspeakable monkey
horrors. My feet are so cold
they are on somebody else’s feet
and my stubs bleed and stink

Don’t pity me you fuck,
I ‘ve survived bigger pains and the erection
of emotions triggered by disparate
prods - been poked like a melon,
stroked with steel, dreams of

Do you know me?
I’ve been loved by your daughter,
been forsaken in bedrooms
and left dying in a loving embrace.
You can’t ignore me, I will not be


There’s too much infomation
and I shut it out
but sometimes I can’t so
I beg of you
shut the fuck up.

Go and say it somewhere else!