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re:this is for pot-head losers in denial that they are junkies

so all that you said is fine and dandy but I have a question:

Why do you need to call these people pot-head losers, junkies,
drug addicts? What the hell does that do for you?

Shaming people by judging them on what they put in their
body is useless and incorrect. I could judge you as a prude
for being so scared of drugs..are you a prude?

or I can deduce that you are a troll…a loser troll that sits
in his mother’s basement all day, beating off to midget porn
and eating doritos and yoo-hoo; you weigh 350 pounds, have
zits all over your face and haven’t seen a real pussy in your life.

How’s that? You like being judged troll?

The people that are doing drugs are one of the last line of
defence for our ruined civil rights. All of you that judge do
so in the comfort of a free country while somebody is fighting
against our government to stop them from taking
all of our civil liberties.

Are you fighting that fight?

I doubt it. But a pot smoker? They fight against the system
to put what they want in their body.

What the fuck have you done to fight the fight? What have
you done to secure the civil liberties that you love so dearly.

Your here on a free internet that lets you say whatever you want.
What the fuck have you done to help that cause?

you said:

I have to agree with the op of the one post comparing pot to any kind of other drug. A drug is a drug PERIOD and if you are smoking pot everyday, guess what you are a junkie, and a drug addict and the only thing that seperates your ass from the person on the street is you haven’t lost anything YET.

Here is some info for all of you in denial that pot is good for you, or that it is ok and not harmful. Think again idiots….not only are you stupid for smoking that shit…you guys are dopey,slow talking, goofty motha fuckas!!

Relationships and Blowing in the Wind

You are right where you put yourself.

We bring people into our life and then
keep them away. We want people
that don’t want us and don’t want
the ones that do.

We are responsible for unconscious
behaviors that we’ve had
since childhood. Behaviors that
create discord and dissonance
in our own mind. A feeling of inundation
coupled with a fear of abandonment.
Fight or flight.

I personally keep people
away by hiding in my apartment
and when I do get in a relationship
I disappear into them and cling which actually
pushes people away quicker than hiding.

You are doing something (attitude, anger
rules) that is keeping these men away.
Find out what that thing is and face it, understand it.

You get exactly what you ask for from this world.
And what are you really asking for
from these Men? What are you asking this world
to give you cause, it’s giving it to you. You
are responsible. In a good, creative way.

And, with all due respect,
You “Man Up”. Find out why you are attracting
this type of man in your life. Take responsibility
for your interaction with this type of man.

We MUST take responsibility for what is in our life because
we put all of it there to begin with.

you said:

WTF…I’m totally hot, 24, very successful,
independent and a single mom…why won’t my
dates call me back? Are guys upset that I have a
6yo kid? Because I make it very clear that I’m not
looking for her new dad and don’t need them to
take care of us. I just want to have fun go to dinner
have adult conversation and if it happens to get
serious great! If not that’s cool too but at least call
me and let me know why you disappeared when I
told you I have a kid. Man up already! Uglier
women can land a man..W!T!F!

Will or Tornado

Little funnels to the rotting sky
Baby vacuums with dirty nails…
You’re wet
You wipe and suck
And torment everything from head to heartache

Transform audacity to precociousness
Make timeless spit and swirl of yellow
Light like transporter of the soul
Automatic door, swoosh and swipe
You’re bathed in the shiny sink

You newborn of dish soap, you daycare
Scoundrel; up and out, flowing across
The plains, out in dry rants and special grain
Stalk of corn and wheat, sorghum, the dust
Is heat and all in all, I am a mess…

Mommy wipes your nose, my eyes, my fears
Front and center. And the funnel points straight up
Sucking space into my yard, my house
Blasting stars at my head; banging, berating
As light cascades and swirls and you’re so clean,

Clean as soap, as lye, bright as shivers, split
To wanna-be. You have never been so soiled, so
Rank, such dust cloud on turbulence-

You little God, you little dust-devil, raining hell on everyone!

Honey Mustard

I’ll have chicken fingers and fries for you.

The Power of the Mind is real. We have long thought
that we were at the mercy of an unseen, all-seeing God
that crafted our very existence. That was only half right.

This all-seeing Power is just that; Power. It does gives
us what we ask for, and like a God it is all seeing and all
powerful and everywhere. But it is not separate from us
like our christian God, it is us. We are one with the Power
the Universe and actively have the same responsibility
a God has.

We are the Gods, the masters of destiny…we plug into this
Power, this Source, God, etc…and create everything we see,
we experience. There is no God floating in the sky,
separate from us. That God is really a powerfield that we are
all part of. It gives us exactly what we think about.
No judgement, just action and reaction.

No shame, just reaction and action.
What you think is what you get.
You are God.

something about

and loving yourself when you’re always alone and
you yearn for friends and love but can’t seem
to reach out far enough…being able to still be nice to me
and supply that love to me and let me be alone.

alone or together, alone or together
If I can’t reconcile, I’ll stay in the middle
there’s nothing in the middle but skinned
knuckles and spilled coffee.

Too Late…

It’s too late for me, go on without me…
No really, I’ll hold them off. You go, save



Orange around the trees
at morning time,
flicking dew off the wheat
where I till the earth
and sweat through my shirt.

The horse is by the road,
the land stretches forever
as you pick poppies. Your
laughing and small flowers
dangle in your hair.

The clouds are forming
and you point to the horizon
at the flashes of light
and the funnel cloud
holding all our dreams and fears.

You’re looking at me that way,
like you’re content to be here
watching me turn the soil
and pick worms from the dirt
and who are we? Are we farmers?

Are we old? Am I your Father
in the field waiting for the dinner
bell? Am I your lover, your brother,
or a friend across the way?
How many times have we done this?

This is the storm to end all storms.
I look back and hold out my hand
but that’s where it ends. Will you
take my hand and follow
before the storm tears us apart?

In all the lives and all the pain
I found you again, dirty, plain.

Sleepy and Sound

And home
and back…

But who would notice?

Nothing but us zombies here.