Let the pain out and it will feel better. I have and probably will be there again and that is when I have done my best healing. I can relate to you that for the me the despair and feeling like it would never end is difficult.

I have to agree with this statement and need to add to it. I think I did some of my best healing when I finally felt, in my body, the difference between restricting my flow of emotions versus truly letting it come out and feel expressed.

I had several sessions over a couple of years where I was able to really let go and pour out my emotions for the first time. Now-a-days I can actually hit this ‘release valve’ more often which improves my mood and lessens my ruminations.

I once held a friend that had always been taught to bottle up her true emotions and when she finally let go, as she did in the midst of a mass-depression, it was the scariest thing I ever witnessed - full-throated, deep resonate cry. She yelled to the heavens and released an ancient roar with a bellow that shook me to my foundations.

It sent shivers up my spine and helped make me understand what I had been holding on to and not letting happen. I value my newfound ability to cry more often more than anything in my life - give me a full-throated bellow any day of the week!