Are too many people being diagnosed as having depression?

Professor Gordon Parker, a psychiatrist from Australia says the current threshold for what is considered to be ‘clinical depression’ is too low. He fears it could lead to a diagnosis of depression becoming less credible.*

NO! Too many people HAVE depression. We are waking up to the fact that a large portion of the population shares a low level depression caused by the racing pressure of keeping up with our world and our technology:

*inundation *abandonment *childhood injuries never dealt with *financial stress *marital stress

all handed down by society and our parents. Any combination of these type of common stresses can raise a person’s level of depression to an unhealthy status. And we wonder why heart disease and blood pressure problems dominate health statistics…

Some important resources:

I’m going to look for sources now, but you actually could not possibly be more wrong. Recent studies (actual studies by neurobiologists showing mechanism, not pseudoscience sociology pieces) show that modern society does not provide the extreme crises that past society did. We rarely face life-or-death decisions. And the brain is made for them and does not develop properly without them. Just look at how adolescents are sheltered. Their frontal lobe is fired up in full-on mode and they’re tasked with learning how to deal with it and we do everything in our power to make sure they aren’t exposed to even the most trivially emotionally challenging experiences. The research is less than a year old, but very promising.

Look, while you run and research (which maybe you should have done before replying) I will remind you that I am addressing the topic of the article that is undercutting the truth that there are more openly depressed people now than at any other time in our history.

My agenda was to argue back at the article that there is NOT ENOUGH attention paid to the subtle form of depression that when layered together form a more massive depression.

While you are researching look up:

  1. fragmentation
  2. disconnect
  3. interior somatic awareness
  4. technological mastery

I really am not trying to argue about this stuff. While you may have read an article somewhere that disagrees, I lived through the uncoupling of a massive depression that stems from ancient issues and current issues combined.

We can both be right about the WHYs of how the depression got there and I certainly am interested in the results you find but the part you skipped over, I guess, was where I was addressing the articles attempt to undercut what is a world wide epidemic of depression.


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