Awesome Prank at Best Buy store

This is a link to a prank performed by improveeverywhere…

It is civil disobedience!


Sheer annoyance. Skirting the laws. public displays. we are here, we are waking up. We are becoming self-aware in ways that the government doesn’t understand. This may be a small and seemingly silly act by a group of people, but really, this is a way to push back without getting angry or getting arrested.

Testing the waters of civil disobedience.

Push back against what? Sounds more like a bunch of privileged, self-important wankers trying to justify their goofing off.

ETA: “Civil disobedience without getting arrested” isn’t civil disobedience.

That sounds like a comment based in the judeo-christian work ethic that basically states that all people must have a job, must follow the party line and must work towards state sponsored goals to have any value to society.

I would rather see some people spend their time like this, challenging mores and societal rules, as opposed to flowing along like sheep in the pen waiting for the next morsel from big brother.

Imagination is key here. BTW, who said there is a hard and fast rules on what is and isn’t civil diobedience?

That would be the opposite of civil disobedience. How can there be so many rules for an idea that is based in lawlessness and anarchistic models…

Anything that rattles the establisment (govt and corporations) seems like a good thing to me.

No, it’s based in anti-elitism and a resentment of privileged folks (mostly white boys with too much money and free time) deciding that they get to elect themselves arbiters of what the “sheep” should care about, and that obnoxious pranks take on social importance when they’re in on them.

I feel that your comment is based on all the particpants being bored white rich kids. If you watch the video of the ‘prank’, there are young women (20s), older women (30s) older man (50) and his two daughters (12)…are they elitist? Maybe…you totally have a point about being bored. This could be a bored prank thats fair. But not to an American right now. It means more right now.

At its very worst this ‘prank’ reminds us, as a society, to keep a sense of disobedience against the State, the governing power, or you get things like this disastorous Bush regime, lawless corporations and the ongoing rape of the Earth.

Know what I mean?

I, being American, want a revolution right now! If you are an American under the age of 50, any sign of a fucking pulse from your fellow Americans is a piece of utter Hope…

Just the idea that we may wake up from this corporate takeover, this globalization, this malaise :(

Thank you elitist rich white bored kids…

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