Binge Journal #10

It has been nine days since I last checked in. There has been some reduction in the shape of my midsection; less of it. It’s happening. My face is more defined, the jawline.

There has been less binging for sure. I am eating smaller meals understanding that I was elongating the meal to make it last…always more. And smaller mouthfuls; less stuffing of my face… Oh, I can eat unconsciously. I can also choke very easily when I chew too little and swallow too son. Mindless eating.

But I have binged a little. And I have missed some meals, dinners mostly. I have eaten too much junk, but eaten more whole foods. This week is killer as my group at my day job is hosting screenings for international buyers. The food is top notch and lots of it. And lots of whole foods. I’ve been eating my share.

And that’s all good. I am very surprised at how easy I have negotiated the dinner issues (size, quality, pace) once I honestly looked at the habits and understood their dynamics.

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