Binge Journal #15 (Killed by Carbs)

The diet I mentioned I was on, The South beach diet, will no longer be referred to as a diet and will instead be known as a ‘lifestyle change’ or an ‘eating style’. ‘Why’ do you ask? Because I am done punishing myself in an effort to get a habit to stick. It never works. Ever.

What does work s negotiating very slowly with myself over things that work and make us feel better. This low carbohydrate eating ‘style’ has done wonders for me. Besides the fact that I am down almost 2 pants sizes in 5 weeks, I have never had more energy, been less tired and enjoyed eating without shame since I was…well, since never.

I have always had a bit of hypoglycemia and was always swinging madly between states of sugar overload and sugar deficiency. This new style of eating where carbs are only consumed if they are good carbs (beans, buts, whole grains) has trained my pancreas, whose job it is to regulate my blood sugar, to slowly release the insulin I need and to keep my blood sugar balanced.

I feel great, sleep better, never get hungry till meal time, never get afternoon sleepy and have completely steered away from the junk that this society pushes on us 24/7.

I will post some photos soon…I am also looking for a scale to weigh myself. Maybe I can go to the mall and find one in a store.

If you have time watch this video and you will get a sense of what we, as Americans, are up against when it comes to getting fatter. Each person needs to take responsibility for their actions and themselves BUT…well just watch the video…

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