Binge Journal #7

A much more controlled Binge weekend!

I did not restrict myself or outright stop myself from binging this weekend, but I tried to fill my time with things to do and watch for the emotional triggers that help launch these extended eat-a-thons. And you know what? I did pretty good.

I would say Sunday was my worst. I was a little sad when I left my companion in the afternoon and found myself eating a little too much. Just recognizing it made it harder to continue the behavior. I did replace by smoking a little too much weed, but all in all I was better able to curb the constant stuffing.

I also was trying, trying to be more conscious and centered when I was actaully eating a meal. Trying to be more aware, as I actually put food in my mouth, chewed and swallowed to give more thought, time and meaning to the food that I am cramming into my mouth.

But this is all so hard and I am commited to taking baby steps so that I don’t turn this into work.

I can see the results already as my midsection is slightly smaller and my face, sallower.

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