Carmen Trutanich (LA district Attorney) and Steve Cooley (City Attorney) have vowed to ignore the law and shut down legal Medical Marijuana shops

LA District Attorney Steve Cooley:

And city attorney Carmen Trutanich:

Are telling the city of Los Angeles that they are gonna get tough on crime and grabbing headlines by going after low hanging fruit (easy pickings) Medical Marijuana (MMJ) users in LA. Even though the state has twice made laws okaying MMJ and even though the courts have upheld these laws, these two newly elected officials have decided that the laws don’t apply to them and their jurisdiction. More bullshit from a twisted baby boomer generation that would sell their mother for a headline.

And what’s more they are fucking lazy. Do some police work and let people smoke their weed. For Christ sakes, the thing in the video about the backlog of rape cases makes me sick. Watch:

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