crazy (070310)

UFO in space, hurtling to earth, crashes and out exits the most beautiful, sweet, hot, smart, alluring, naked, killer humanoid-alien ever. She quickly assimilates without much detection, kills a guy but gets wounded, steals his car and clothes then heads for a big city.

She stops at a hospital to clean up a wound and cozies up to the Doctor, a young, naive, fresh from med school boy. She makes a date, he accepts.

She is stunning. He takes her to a Club after dinner. His new friends, the Doctors, greet him and his stunning date. These Doctors are slick and cunning; mysoginistic predators of the first degree.

Our Doctor is in over his head with her and these new friends and is starting to lose favor. The lead Doctor guy plays inteference as one of the doctors starts dancing with her…young doctor is frustrated, argues…a small scene and young doctor grabs her. She pulls him aside and dumps him. He is crushed. She goes off with one of the doctors.

Lead Doctor consoles young doctor, is trying to smoothe over but kid leaves.

A week later, the kid comes back to his Doctor group to hang and finds that the guy that went with her is crazy jealous of her and acting sickly possessive. Kid realizes that our Alien girl is with ANOTHER member of the Doctor group. New doctor and jealous Doctor fight over her. Leader intervenes. Jealous Doctor falls apart.

Jealous Doctor taken to loony bin. Kid tries to talk to woman..she refuses. He keeps pushing and she (alien hint) tells him to go away.

He starts to investigate her (hospital records, databases, DL) finds zero and finds that she is posing as someone…

Then it happens again…she moves to the next doctor…another fight ensues.

And the Doctor in the looney bin goes full fledge nuts. The Kid is intrigued.

What will he find, what does the alien want?

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One Response to crazy (070310)

  1. Dark Diva says:

    Like the premise, but it feels like a story that has been done before, so it will depend strongly on execution. It also feels like a psychological drama / thriller and not the run of the mill “eat and run” horror flick. Since she is determined to destroy this group of friends, I’m curious as why this group and not just randomnly select men. So it sounds like there is a lot of hidden depth to explore with this.

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