crazy (070404)

Gen X meets Femme Fatale

Main Character – Matt

Matt is Generation X through and through, brilliant yet slightly withdrawn (who am I) – He’s adult child…a boy in a man’s body yet highly functional as he is a Doctor. Yet emotionally, you always get the feeling that he is on the edge of falling apart.

Being the child of a divorce he exhibits a lot of the earmarks of this type of person: defensive, sped-up, hyper-active, nervous, paranoid, jealous, emotionally cracked, clingy, falls in love fast, afraid of women…

He is scared of women and feels sometimes that they know what he is thinking. He think that no woman would want to have anything to do with him. He wants to be able to approach women and be the stud doctor like his new friends from the Hospital, but, he really thinks that he doesn’t have what it takes.

With women he gets incredibly clingy with the least bit of attention and if things go far enough and he starts liking the female, he gets obsessive and paranoid, jealous and squirrley.

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