Crazy (071207) Outline – REWRITE 1st Act

Act One:

  • Montage: MAIN CHARACTER, Slacker CHRIS gets dumped, over and over by every woman he dates (3 – HOT woman, PLAIN and 50yr old MOTHER of 4) Chris is a Gen X – brilliant but immature and very low confidence.
  • Intro (Film Noir feel): Best friend/roommate BECK (She wants to fix Chris)(Chris is in her living room, has to go to bathroom – bathroom is her darkroom) – A female Detective wanna-be that is in love with hardboiled-detective-acting Chris but Chris is not interested that way (he thinks) but they have a closeness, an intimacy, a familiarity borders on love. Beck investigates Chris’ girlfriends all the time (credit, DL, etc.) Beck mocks him for always coming to her for help (guy needling). Chris gets defensive (acts like a girl.)
  • Meet friend TERRY, male, ex-slacker (smokes weeed constantly still) – high powered lawyer on the rise – got Chris his job (file clerk) – then meet BRYCE the evil Lawyer (#2) that loves to mock Chris – Bryce is smarmy.
  • Intro Theme in conversation between Chris and Terry: How’s anybody going to like you when you don’t like you? (where did you get that one, did you make that up? Just think about it Chris!)
  • Client/Lawyer party at strip club (Film Noir) – Chris meets BILLY beautiful stripper bartender- they hit it off – she is extremely literate Gen X – smart, quick; they talk all night She won’t have sex with him but they sleep together – breakfast/intimacy – he misses work.
  • Chris runs to Beck – he’s in love with Billy. Beck doesn’t want to hear it and refuses to talk to him about her. He leaves upset. Beck runs to the computer and starts a search for her name.
  • Chris runs to Terry about missing work, tells him he’s in love w/ stripper bartender – Big boss (MR. ROCKERFER) comes with Bryce and scolds Chris and shoos him off – Rockerfer asks Terry if Russ can be trusted. You brought him in and if he starts talking then he’s out. Then Rock winks and says ‘have fun tonight’ and giggle like a schoolgirl as he leaves
  • CLIENT party for a FEMALE COMPANY at a MALE STRIP CLUB – Chris helping Terry run the party for the clients. Chris is waiting for Billy (keeps checking phone) Billy shows up with Bryce and they disappears into the back. Chris follows searches and
  • Chris finds Billy fucking Bryce – She tries to stop Russ from leaving – he’s gone
  • Depression Montage – droning green hued TV, in bed, bongs, green video games
  • Beck brings him favorite food. Terry brings him porn.
  • Terry – You always give up because you think you don’t deserve anyone loving you – but you do…(Chris: I want her!) Then go get her!
  • Chris finds Billy and demands an explanation – we aren’t married, I have no responsibility to you – disappears.
  • Beck investigating Billy finds small information and she hides it from Chris
  • Chris confronts Billy at club where she works – Bryce is there with the lawyers – Chris threatens a scene (I’ll quit!) – she agrees to meet Chris if he goes away and doesn’t make a scene.
  • She pretends to be ‘female’ sick. Bryce nastily excuses her from the party

  • Chris and Billy meet for drinks and they argue but it turns to fun, chemistry –
  • They get drunk
  • All night sex
  • She demands that they must hide it. Chris is horrified that this last night of passion means what? She will not stop seeing Bryce. She dances around why this is so important and begs Chris to not press her on this. He promises. She is ecstatic and fucks him again. Chris proposes they get married. Billy can’t stop laughing. She makes an apocalyptic allusion and fucks him again.
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