Crazy (080110) Outline – REWRITE 2nd Act

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Act Two:

  • HIDING their Love Montage – Billy and Chris – BEHIND BRYCE’S BACK sex and more sex, fun, dreamy – parks and matinées, calling in sick and going to the museum – Cute people and good sex.
  • RESTAURANT – Bryce catches Billy at the table while Chris is in bathroom. Chris disappears. Bryce hunts but finds no one and drags Billy outside and yells then leaves – Chris watches whole thing.
  • Chris asks her why she is with Bryce, she tells Russ that she is going to dump him soon – he laughs this off, she makes a point of telling him that she has to end the relationship and that something is coming that will take her away. When he presses her she walks out.
  • Chris stumbles into Terry’s office and professes his love for the stripper Billy. Terry is stunned, “The one Bryce is fucking?” Yes. It is agreed that they will keep hiding it from Bryce. Terry is very pissed at him and worried about Bryce overreacting.
  • Bryce comes into work raving – complains he knows Billy is cheating on him – sounds crazy (slow decent – speeding up) complains of being thirsty and has a funny red rash on his neck.
  • Chris with Billy at more hidden location. Billy tries to dump him but he talks her out of it, “a little more time”….she doesn’t want to hurt him and agrees. Then they fuck, but she warns him, ‘not much longer.’
  • Beck discovers that Billy is related to MR. ROCKFER, the main partner for the law firm. Does Rockfer know his niece is a stripper at a club he frequents. Does he know one of his main lawyers, his nephew, is fucking her!?
  • Beck starts following Billy and has run-in with Bryce – he is totally nuts and following Billy like Beck is doing. He demands to know why she is following Billy, get violent and Beck knocks his ass out!
  • Beck finds Chris and Billy (Beck totally identifies Billy as the girl from the research. They stare long at each other – Billy bolts – Beck tries to tell Russ about Billy’s relation to boss. He’s not interested and says it’s a small world and maybe they don’t even know they are related – coincidence.
  • OFFICE – Bryce is hallucinating and fighting Terry, accusing him of fucking Billy and is taken away by cops. Chris thanks Terry for taking the heat for him, Terry wants to tell him something when the cops come in to interview them and they are separated. (Beck finds a flask Bryce was drinking from and steals it.)
  • Beck tells Chris that there is some exotic drug in Bryce’s flask, she may have drugged him. Chris wants to find her, Beck is worried Chris may be next. Chris accuses Beck of trying to undermine what he has with Billy, he rushes to the strip club to find Billy.
  • STRIP CLUB – Chris finds Billy with Terry now – he is devastated. Terry tries to stop him. Billy stops him from pursuing.
  • Yet another Chris depression montage – lots of walking
  • Beck finds an article about a huge child molestation case in the hometown where Billy and Mr. Rockfer are from. The defendants was a group of lawyers that got off when accused of molesting three young girls. The names of the kids were never released and the charges dropped on a technicality; it was Mr. Rockfer.
  • Chris seems less sad and more contemplative. Gets wisdom from some odd source about moving on, decides to toughen up. He is going to be one of those guys.
  • Beck tells Chris about the article and the lawyers. Chris says he is trying to move on and wants to avoid anything of her. He is going to find Terry so he can apologize and have his friend back. Beck slaps him, ‘listen to me’. He listens, “what if Terry is next?”. Chris starts to believe.
  • Chris and Beck find Terry (utterly depressed – a mess) and crying about Billy leaving him. She was suppose to go to a party with him but she went with…Terry doesn’t finish – Chris tries to find out where Billy is but Terry blames Chris for polluting her head “and now she’s gone to the party”… He attacks Chris. Beck subdues Terry. Chris finds the invitation for a black tie event Terry was suppose to go to with and takes it.
  • Beck and Chris goes to the strip club to find Billy. She quit three days ago.
  • Beck shows Chris that Rockfer evidence where he was accused of molesting Billy and that he doesn’t know its her. She must be out for revenge.
  • Russ dresses up (1st time) and looks adult. Beck dresses like a woman instead of a detective, pretty hot. They go to the party and find Billy there with the big boss
  • Russ tries every trick to get her to go away from him. He starts fight with Big Boss. Billy jabs him with a small needle.
  • Russ goes on a trip of a lifetime as the drugs kick in – sees his own death – suicide – being alone. They take him away.
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