Crazy (080128) Outline – REWRITE-Act3

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Act Three:

  • The Trip – acid+e+depression+imagination – 24 hrs of tripping
  • Hospitals, a day, two days, a week – cops – questioning, Chris denies knowing Billy. Blames the ecstasy on the club and the parties.
  • Beck gets in finally to visit him. Tells him the story: Bryce killed himself and they only found ecstasy in him. Beck took the info on Billy to the cops and they ignored them. Chris asks her if Billy asked about him. Beck is horrified that he’s so pathetic. The cops catch Beck and throw her out – warning her to stop pursuing this.
  • Chris escapes from the Hospital with beck’s help.
  • They find Billy living at the Mr. Rockfer’s house.
  • She is about to kill the big boss when Chris breaks in – Don’t try to stop me!
  • Boss catches them and comes after them to kill them
  • A chase
  • Kill the Boss
  • Beck or Billy? he chooses…
  • In love, happily ever after
  • The end – Final Image – the guy that always get dumped get
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