crazy (030307)

(thriller-whodunnit, survival, revenge)

Doctor, 35, proudly confirmed Bachelor, semi-mysoginistic, belongs to a group of young womanizing doctor friends.

Group starts to unravel as a mysterious, sexually-charged, rich, classy Woman begins dating the members. She is hot. Openly sexual and insatiable…a horn dog not afraid of public dispalys. Whatsoever. She starts with a fringe member who she dumps for a closer to the center fof the group. The Fringe Doctor goes nut…literally.

One by one they start to lose their minds; figuratively and literally – insane jealousy, posessiveness, paranoia, violence, anxiety attacks, hallucinations. They fight over her. Her overt sexuality tears the group apart as she casts aside one member for the next.

(Inciting incident) Fringe member or inner memeber goes apeshit – violent scene – jealousy over the Woman.

Act 1

Our Lead Doctor begins investigating the fringe members (or inner) blow up and deterioration. He suspects the Woman; starts checking her out. It all point to her as the friends are ending up in padded rooms.…and that’s when it becomes his turn to meet her, and be drawn in.

Who is this Woman? What is she doing to these men? Will it happen to him? Can he stop from slipping into madness?

Act 2 is his entanglement with her and subsequent struggle to stop from meeting the same mental disturbance that the other doctors met. He meets it and loses. We go with him into CRAZY WORLD OF MIND – regression, trippy, cool (eternal sunshine stuff).

He is mentally destroyed as a mysoginistic egocentric being and awakens shaken to the core and feeling violated but alive and clear minded.

Act 3 is a twist, his awakening a surprise and his anger, his motivation is to stop this Woman…revenge. He goes after her!

He finds her, and she’s doing the same thing in a group of Los Angeles Lawyers…one last confrontation, face to face…

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