Dream of the building


There’s no more house in the Hollywood Hills; well, there are no more hills, actually there’s a mountain is a complex to house the people…so many people. And outside there’s the reason for the massive structure that replaced all other structures out of necessity when the things outside started to grow and why they grew was also and odd story.

But I’ll start inside the mountain-sized structure but more like a mountain range structure and a big mountain range. Inside there were so many people and so many places. Nook and cranny type living that went deeper and deeper into the mountain-like structure. The kinda place that over the years has become like some crazy labyrinth the way to underground became in NYC.

Inside there was everything and turf and neighborhoods inaccessible from other neighborhoods and you name it. There were natural barriers like the Trash Guidance Line out of the structure or like the Government Offices that rode out of the North wall of the structure. Here were the Social Security, the

In one of the neighborhoods, deep in the structure, the Sunset one I think, a guy named Denh lived and worked at the local Office of Sensitivity ( you lived where you worked out of necessity and ease). He fixed the end cards for the Robots that were so popular these days.

Let me tell you a little bit about these Robots. The Kenjiki –Matszuki Company began production with those little Japanese Robots that could do little task and perform little stunts. They evolved quite a bit and now perform many more tasks that resemble human behavior and interactions. They never became human sized, I guess, cause of the portability, so they were about the size of a medium sized Teddy Bear.

There really weren’t any pets anymore because of the people and the hunger and so forth. I kinda think that the Robots fit in the place of these pets cause they didn’t eat or couldn’t be eaten and they provide a lot of things and-


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