An Earth is bigger now by giant
jungles and forests taken over urban-scape-
giant tigers larger than earthmovers;
big ones step on Wal Mart and Kmart –
a larger government facility like a city or state
with big walls, big everything-
giant humans help smaller ones in danger-
There was a meteor and exposure.

I’m normal. I meet a normal girl.
Gave her a pill outside a rave
she is banned and barred from-
The security at the place she watches
is starting to doubt her, when inside she
shoos me away, always, at three AM
She lives with a man in a tunnel-

I’m homeless; a giant lion crushing
our home, a plane came in toward
the rave, folded in its wings,
and landed in a parking space. A man gets out. He’s for her-
She uses men but says we have something
more desperate. She gives love,
and pays for the divorce seminars;
she’s in the plane and it’s floating away.

I take care of giant children, their
special issues like drugs and guns:
they’re calm and understanding,
helpful- concerned. Huge dark skies,

cliffs and valley beds. There are
tremors from footsteps and roars.
The buildings are big to withstand
big animals. Earth is big.

And she’ll be back tonight
To be a big friend of my life
And then gone again with the doubt
That anything big will ever happen.

Big Earth is lonely.

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