Feminists and the Backlash…

This is exactly why you can’t wildly insult half of the human population without expecting some kind of reaction

Very true…

But the thousands of years of mental and physical abuse that Men have wrought on any and all females on this planet is a heavy toll that is only now in the last 100 yrs being lifted.

This anger and insult from feminists is a much deeper ‘reaction’ to man’s long time oppression. This violence is to be expected in a way, it also may be our (men’s) responsibility in a sense for our history, for what has come before and how women have been treated.

I, as a man, can understand and even sympathize with some angry, violent, insulting and extreme behavior from females in general (as we are seeing with the quickly rising female on male violence.) While I will always defend myself ultimately, internet flaming is not nearly as bad as a thousand years of subservience and fear.

And I guess that my point is that someone can react to an angry feminist expressing, for thew first time in a couple of thousand years, their displeasure, their hatred, their release, or someone can not react and avoid this natural expression that is probably a necessary evolutionary development.

Or something like that.

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