Film – A Scanner Darkly (Part Two)

A Scanner Darkly
Laemmle’s Fairfax
August 27, 2006

Yay! I finally saw the movie and it was a very enjoyable experience.

Oddly though, I still really have no strong opinion about the movie as a movie but do have strong feelings and beliefs about the issues being dealt with (drug abuse, the drug war).

I am a sound opponent of the drug war as a lost cause that does nothing but punish human beings for putting something in their body. The drug war and the war on the drug war are the current day fight for civil rights in our country. As your government spends more and more money to stop you from putting a substance in your body, you will at some point have to decide where you want them to stop regulating…for me that point is here in the drug war. 500 billion spent annuallly to stop people from using drugs.

I like the sci-fi aspect that the drug war takes on in the movie; George Orwell would have been proud as the monitoring and eavesdropping take on 1984 type proportions.

I thought the rotoscope (animation) was gorgeous and didn’t take away from the message or the flow of the story. Linklater is a true Auteur-

Although still numb to the movie a little, I would recommend the hell out of it.

I need to see it again, so look for the upcoming entry:

Film – A Scanner Darkly (Part Three)

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