He’s Crazy (070918)

I’m looking for my opening image which sets the tone of the entire script and which also seemingly acts as a unifying principle in the overlying metaphor / message of the work. This image is the first thing we see and is somehow ‘answered’ with the last thing we see making this image utterly important and incredibly germane.

So how do I know what this image / idea is?

There are several ideas / threads running through this story:

  • Going crazy – losing one’s mind, the precariousness of mental sanity
  • Being pathetic – (aka emotional) The main character is the guy who always gets dumped. He is on edge with his emotions and in need of being centered. His best friend, a woman, is also pretty pathetic in her secret love for him.
  • Revenge – the main female love interest is a serial killer bent on exacting revenge on the ones who wronged her
  • Battle of the sexes

Battle of the sexes is not what this is about ultimately. There are moments where this is an issue and the overall theme of a woman serial killer is kinda feminist but this doesn’t really set the tone or the mood I am dealing with. Revenge is also kind of a side issue that doesn’t really get to the heart of the matter as does ‘going crazy’. None of these touch on the main character and the arc that he is traveling along.

The image I am leaning towards is of our main character emotionally devastated and crying on the soldier of the woman that is totally in love with him. This event reveals both peoples insecurities and both peoples neediness and characterizes the central theme of the movie which I think is learning to stand on a solid foundation without the emotional triggers tearing us down.

This simple image would also serve as a bookend as he comes back to his best friend at the end, hopefully changed and more of a self-sufficient, confident and action oriented man, able to stand up for himself and take care of himself.

Yes, this is my opening image. I also like the way the story is about one thing (the guy that always gets dumped and then decides to make a stand for the woman he loves, realizes that she is a serial killer) but is really about something more personal and more specifically human.

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