He’s Crazy (070724)

(he’s the guy that’s always getting dumped – you know – that friend that couldn’t get a girl if they were giving them away and when he finally does get with someone he ruins it by becoming jealous, depressed, anxious, paranoid – Well he finally decides not to take ‘no’ for an answer.)

A file clerk for a prestigious law firm tries to be one of the ‘guys’, one of the womanizing, slick, rich lawyers he works around. He’s tired of women looking down on him and not giving him the time of day. He gathers the support of one of the firm’s brightest stars that got him his job and offers to help him become more slick.

And he meets his dream, the girl next door. She’s beautiful, funny as hell, smart, sarcastic and loves sex. What more could he want? He falls head over heels and everything is going well, until – he takes her to meet the ‘guys’, the lawyers at an expensive club. He starts getting paranoid as she flirts around with the group and dances the night away. His worst nightmares come true as she purposely dumps him on the spot and goes home with one of the lawyers.

He is devastated and disappears from work – no show. The lawyer friend comes to find him wallowing in his apartment, unable to do the basics. He helps the guy get back to functioning and helps build his spirit. Much to the lawyers chagrin the clerk gathers his strength and decides to not take it lying down and fight to get her back. The lawyer tries to stop him but can’t.

That night the Clerk returns to the club to confront the girl to find that not only has she moved on from the first lawyer to another one of the friends, but the first lawyer she was with is a mess: jealous, angry, lurking – he is also trying to get her back! The Clerk is stunned and unsure how to handle it. He finds the right time and confronts her. She tries to be nice but he won’t take no for an answer.

He refuses to let go. The girl implores. And that’s when things get ugly. She threatens to kill him if he doesn’t back off. On top of that the first lawyer she was with loses his junk and attacks the next lawyer in line with the girl. He’s goes foaming at the mouth loony and is arrested and thrown in the loony bin.

But now our Clerk is obsessed. What is she doing and why? And why would she so quickly forsake their love. And what the hell is she doing to these guys. One by one they are going off the deep end.

Can he figure it out before he becomes the next victim of “Crazy”?

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