Mainstream Religion

Admittedly reddit is quite vocal about atheism. However, I am a christian and I know there must be others on this site. What book of the Bible do you find most important, and for atheists, which book do you find most offensive?

What book? I’d say we need a new book. The book you speak of is sooo old and sooo manipulated, who knows what parts were really the ‘word of God’ and which parts are the work of some Roman ruler or a Pope we don’t remember.

Look, I love Jesus, I think he was an amazing man with some beautiful ideas, but your followers these days, do none of the things that Jesus triumphed like loving all neighbors and eschewing violence and abject greed. We need another telling or another book or maybe another religion.

How about a religion where the user is at even par with the host and is an essential component to the creative process as opposed to a leaf in the spiritual wind?

How about a God that has NO interest in us other than to give us exactly what we ask for. How about a God that does not judge, does not make rules and does not punish based on 4000 yr old rules that have come to pass as important issues.

How about placing the human at the center of the spiritual Universe, at work on their lives in conjunction with the God as opposed to only subject to some celestial whim.

How about the idea that we are an earth bound God, on par with the God of the Universe and responsible 100% for each and every thing that happens in our lives based on what our mind, our creative spirit creates in connection to this God.

What then?

My problem with Christianity and most other ancient religions is that they were developed and then we spent the last 2000yrs evolving mentally away from those tenets.

And now we must make some choices as to the role we play in the Universe, in our life’s constant creation. We can choose to ignore the responsibility we have to this creative process and continue to think we are at the whim of some not-so-benevolent ruler in the sky or we can start accepting the responsibility and start creating the world we really want to live in.

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