Relationships and Blowing in the Wind

You are right where you put yourself.

We bring people into our life and then
keep them away. We want people
that don’t want us and don’t want
the ones that do.

We are responsible for unconscious
behaviors that we’ve had
since childhood. Behaviors that
create discord and dissonance
in our own mind. A feeling of inundation
coupled with a fear of abandonment.
Fight or flight.

I personally keep people
away by hiding in my apartment
and when I do get in a relationship
I disappear into them and cling which actually
pushes people away quicker than hiding.

You are doing something (attitude, anger
rules) that is keeping these men away.
Find out what that thing is and face it, understand it.

You get exactly what you ask for from this world.
And what are you really asking for
from these Men? What are you asking this world
to give you cause, it’s giving it to you. You
are responsible. In a good, creative way.

And, with all due respect,
You “Man Up”. Find out why you are attracting
this type of man in your life. Take responsibility
for your interaction with this type of man.

We MUST take responsibility for what is in our life because
we put all of it there to begin with.

you said:

WTF…I’m totally hot, 24, very successful,
independent and a single mom…why won’t my
dates call me back? Are guys upset that I have a
6yo kid? Because I make it very clear that I’m not
looking for her new dad and don’t need them to
take care of us. I just want to have fun go to dinner
have adult conversation and if it happens to get
serious great! If not that’s cool too but at least call
me and let me know why you disappeared when I
told you I have a kid. Man up already! Uglier
women can land a man..W!T!F!

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One Response to Relationships and Blowing in the Wind

  1. Rebecca says:

    Maybe it’s time for her to ask for a man that WILL be her child’s “new dad.” That’s just my first thought – but then, I don’t have either man nor kid.

    It’s really difficult to see the signs of repeating the same guy / girl choice. You think, “this time it will be different” and keep your eyes wide open and then the next thing you know, you’ve repeated old patterns. Clearly, it IS you not them but catching onto your own tricks? That’s a damn hard trick. Like seeing the back of your head in a mirror. But that’s just my excuse then.

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