Dreams and Myself

The quote goes:

“anger turned inward is depression”

Couldn’t be more true. And could ‘hate’ be used to describe the self’s feelings about the self? This dichotomy can become quite confusing.

My favorite way to read dreams is to look at them from the perspective that you are everybody in your dreams.

What that means is that while the dream is fresh in your mind, replace every person/pet/prominent object with yourself. Keep in mind that you are looking at the dream from the perspective that each dream is the inner-self’s attempt to explore its own relationship to the bigger you (or outer-self). It’s this relationship that dreams illuminate.

For example, when I first started my recovery/therapy I would have awful anxiety dreams where I was a waiter running around serving food to all these odd people, thousands of customers. I would always piss them off, fail to give them good service.

The way I read this dream (which if successful tends to ring a bell in my intuition) was that I was trying to serve (help) myself yet there was soooo much to do that I felt I wasn’t doing enough and letting ME down. Which really, I was, considering that I was uncovering all my self-hidden faults yet could not do anything about the fact.

My path was to try and be patient with my outerself as the inner was, for the first time, learning to trust that the outer guy would take care of the inner guy. The inner was sending me the message in dreams that it was overwhelmed and facing this daunting task of dealing with the many issues of recovery. It felt alone.

Four years later, the dreams are very much toned down save a few hot-topic issues here and there. There is a sense inside me of trust. The inner self is finally convinced that I will take care of it and now faces fewer issues to overwhelm it.


I bet, so was I. The key is that your intuition can and will lead the way if you let it.

And dreams can be the tool that illuminates your relationship to yourself.

Cheers – Drew

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