To a Friend

“Would love to hear updates if ever there’s time!”
(’cause I know you love poetry – sarcasm)

There is time:

bigger soul, improved
heart sound and full,
love alive in mind and soul and heart
sound bouncing
time displaced
same place
same time
same awareness
politics and politics and politics are calling
my mind expanding
maturity growth and stamina

I’m well and think of you often
you save animals and love
them, you bounce through adventure
with an eye for more
you bound with honesty and wear
sleeveless shirts that let blood
spill from a heart of gold

“So let me walk these coals
till you believe
that I can
cut the mustard,
well enough”

You hear it all the time. those that want
you to believe, to understand.

And I’m the same but different,
growing fastidiously into the body
that I have come to wear, filling
out the cuffs, these sleeves, the pant legs
not starched but straight and narrow
for the love of my know and the worry
of my day.

I’m heavy with a summer and sent back
to find the shirts that make me remember.

I send you love. This is modern.

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One Response to To a Friend

  1. Rebecca says:

    Thank you. Is there any way for me to properly say, Thank you. Love, Hugs, Kisses and Smiling gratitude from a thousand thousand miles but less than a second away.

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