What is depression?

“What is depression and how does it relate to me?” Someone asked me that the other day and this is what came dribbling from my slap-happy brain:

– Depression is normal and signifies our bodies and mind don’t like something that is going on, ‘time for change’.

– Some people never learned how to deal with depression and how to act on their own behalf when depression strikes and the things that need attending to don’t get attended to.

– The person can’t fix the depressive issues so the inner-self (our little kid) feels unprotected and feels that there is no way for them to fix the issue.

– with the inner-self feeling that the outer self cannot help them, the depression becomes deeper and becomes *Dread*

– Once the inner-self feels dread and feels like there is no one to help them, suicide becomes and excellent alternative.

– Until the outer self learns to take care of the depressive issues, the inner self won’t trust the outer self and the sickening dread will continue.

– If the outer self learns to be the parent, take care of the issues that the inner self (the child) needs help with, then the dread goes back to its normal level as just depression or sadness and finally goes away when the issue is resolved.

– so the key for so many many of us (especially Gen X and Y) many of which did NOT receive the skills in childhood that show us how to be our own GOOD PARENT.

– A lot of people these days (me me!) have gone back and learned how to be their inner-self’s own GOOD PARENT.

So here’s an interesting pamphlet from a great text book from some amazing therapist and doctors at UCLA – and especially helpful is the GOOD PARENT MESSAGES – a list of 15 mantras that can help get at the specific issues that lead us down this road of normal sadness becoming depression and then becoming dread and the end.

I put it out there and then let go – this PDF is worn and hard to read but wonderful for helping those that feel there is no help:


click on the PDF of Good Parent Messages.

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