You don’t let them tell you who you are

(To a good friend)

You don’t let them tell you who you are, not even for a minute, not even for a second.

They will doubt and shame you just because they need something to do and must act upon an ancient jealousy that compels them to disparage or chink away at your armor. You must prepare for that moment where you stand up to these shamers, these guilters and their death-rays that burn full blast trying to melt you into a mold that they created from something they heard somewhere from some broken adult, like one in a church or a parent.

These are the ones that heap doubt, these are the ones that have shame and guilt for essentially ‘who they are’ and you are walking away from that lie and walking to where less guilt is stored and shame is abandoned and the ‘who we are’ is celebrated and the brilliant genius child inside is given a voice – this is a place of less mental baggage, less bitter thought and more embracing of true Universal Spirit.

But it is these specific moments where doubt is thrown your way, times in your life where you have to choose whether you will stand in the death-ray or run for cover because standing in that burning light is scary and hard and goes against all of our human instincts. Running for cover is a split-second reaction, very hard to control and direct and difficult to avoid in the heat of the moment.

But it can be done and I’ve watched you do it this far and I guess this post is to let you know that I can “see you” and “hear you” escaping from your past. I can see the progress your making and I celebrate the expansion that is your mind and spirit. And I say ‘keep up the good work’ and ‘don’t back down’ to exactly impress on you my happiness in the progress of ‘who you are’ because there aren’t many out there. We need more people that know who they are, are proud of who that is and stand in the bright shining light speaking their minds, telling their stories of who we really are as human beings.

I’m very excited to know you and see you on this path of transformation.

Your Friend,


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