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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How come zombies keep walking the Earth?
  • When the Virus was found and started spreading, zombies started rising. So you see, they have little or no choice when it comes to walking and or shuffling on the Earth.
  • Why are zombies so damn angry?
  • They hurt and hurt bad. The pain they feel is tremendous and like all good Americans, they must find the blame for how they feel. Just thank your lucky stars, you aren't being blamed!
  • What do zombies eat?
  • Well, there's brains mostly - they love the rejuvenating power of these damn things...In a pinch any flesh will do but especially the soft flabby meat around the midesection - can you say 'BBQ'?
  • Where do zombies live?
  • They live in circles, in shuffles, in patterns that are as old as the rocks and as set as stone.
  • How long do zombies live?
  • Live? You call this living?
  • What languages do zombies speak?
  • Grunt and moan.
  • Grunt, grunt and grunt?
  • Grnut grunt grunt grunt moan. Grunt grunt grunt. Moan moan...
  • What's the point of this website?
  • There is no stylistic, thematic or informational 'point', This is for a basic HTML class and making a point would seem all too easy. Instead of making a point I am fulfilling the requirements of the class through banality!


August 7, 2006
Zombiepsychic.com relaunches!

July 31, 2006, 2006
It's all about me, me, me!